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Dita - Pink
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Occasionally some fannish posts will be made public :)

Almost forgot! My book for March!

Jonas - Bookworm
I'm a sucker for really well written urban fantasy, mostly because the idea of vampires and werewolves and witches and other supernaturals living amongst us in modern society, openly or in secret, is fascinating.

Patricia Briggs' heroine, Mercy Thompson, is a half-Native American car mechanic who happenes to be able to shapeshift into a coyote, living in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. She's smart, sassy, and doesn't take crap from anyone, not least the men in her life. She's faced down werewolves, vampire queens and rogue fae and generally, Mercy kicks ass.

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #7)Collapse )

I bet you gonna ambush me

Frank - Leap
Another brand new (to me, and mostly pretty new) band has been on my ipod a lot for the past ten days or so. Driving into town for lunch with my friends Tom and Sarah a couple of weekends ago, a rather exciting cover of Heart's Barracuda came on the iPod, by supergroup Adrenaline Mob, formed by the singer from Symphony X and the former drummer from Dream Theater. You can hear their version of barracuda below, and it is taken from their 2013 covers EP Coverta.

Album no.2 for 2013: Omerta by Adrenaline MobCollapse )
MCR - Blue
So I have a couple of things I want to say about the news I woke up to at 6:30 yesterday morning that My Chemical Romance had gone their separate ways. Cut below, for those that aren't all that bothered about four boys from New Jersey and their Black Parade, who were supposedly in the studio recording their fifth album.

And what's the worst you take/From every heart you breakCollapse )


Frank - Leap
So, I finally got off to a not-so-flying start with the part of the Putting Myself Out There for 2013 which sees me listening to new (to me at least) music. Last Friday I traipsed off to Camden with a few friends to see Halestorm, a hard rock band fronted by the awesome Lzzy (not a typo) Hale. Yes, that's right. A rock band fronted by a female singer/lead guitarist. And I had an awesome time! So, I loaded up on their two albums and am now a sixth of the way into my resolution and am almost caught up!

"Halestorm" and "The Strange Case Of...."Collapse )

Overall verdict: both albums are a good listen, and I will definitely be going to see these guys again when they roll back through London!


Red Arrow
I could talk to you guys about the leaking water tank in my flat which meant calling an emergency plumber last Friday, adnt he resulting clusterfuck which could see me having to take legal action, but instead I'm going to talk about things I am enjoying on the TV right now!

Arrow! Spoilers for S1x15Collapse )

Friday Night Lights - Season TwoCollapse )

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Domestic Goddess

Dinah - Smug
So I was supposed to spend a couple of hours in the hairdressers this afternoon getting pampered with a cut  and blowdry, with a scalp massage and glass of wine included because yes, I do go to the Princess Salon (it's convenient for work and for getting home from, okay) and like to be spoiled a bit. However, my stylist has apparently had some sort of accident whilst on holiday so my appointment has been rescheduled (she's fine, apparently, just off work for a few days).

Instead, I trekked to Boots, via my favourite burrito place for lunch, and bought some face stuff and got a whole load of photos printed for my "art project" which given my total lack of artistic talent will basically consist of buying a huge clip frame and making a photo collage so I have photos to look at on my wall and not just on Facebook. There are some vital people missing though, so attention penumbra, silveronthetree andmskatej, we need to photos when we get together next weekend! Then this afternoon I've cleaned the hall, living room and my bathroom and made Choloctae Olive Oil Cake a la Nigella, to take for dessert tomorrow when I got for lunch at my friends' place.

As if that wasn't enough, I'm making Chinese for dinner and have just mixed up a pickling mix for some cucumbers, which will go with my Hot-Spiced Chicken, won tons, rice and pak choi later because yes, I am an utter glutbag.

Now let's talk about some fun stuff! Spoilers for Arrow 1x13 and casting detailsCollapse )

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Friday night!

Dinah - Crouch

It's pouring with rain here in London and I'm sitting here watching the Blackhawks play San José (I've yet to see a game live and not two to three days later) and drinking cava waiting for my friend Tash to arrive. Pretty ideal start to a Friday night, but its going to be slightly more drawn out than expected thanks to the wonders of the UK rail network - it will be getting on for 11pm by the time she gets here because of train delays. Her instructions were "Get something to eat and a bottle of wine - we are off down the pub as soon as I arrive!"

By the time she gets here I suspect that, despite the pepperoni pizza I am about to put away, I will be well on my way towards the bottom of this bottle of cava and feeling pretty good about myself!

But let's talk about hockey for a bit, because I want to squee for a while about how much fun I am having just watching the games on catch up! I love the speed, the physicality, the skill with which these guys wield the puck and the emotion that goes along with every game - the sheer joy that accompanies every goal scored. There's so much to watch though! I have enough on my plate just keeping track of all the Blackhawks games, and haven't actually had a chance to catch any of my other boyfriends.

And let's talk about my Blackhawks boyfriends (second glass of cava, pizza still in the oven, Hawks down 3-1 with 9 mins left in the first period). Much to silveronthetree's horror I am definitely reverting to type with the tall, hulking, mostly Canadian dudes. Special mention goes to Brandon Bollig for being tall, dark, handsome and beardy but not Canadian, and for getting into scraps at almost every opportunity which for some reason really does it for me. I'm also a little in love with Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith (with but also without teeth) (whoa, 3-3? Nice!) and I defy anyone to not think Patrick Sharp is a total dreamboat. Plenty to keep me busy.

Watching the games even on delay is giving me so many feels I really need to see a game live. The UK has a small league and as luck would have it my hometown has a team and tickets appear to be fairly cheap, so I might head down and check them out next time I go to visit my mum and dad.

At some point I'm going to get online and tell you guys about the three dates I have in the next ten days with three different guys but I'm finding it impossible to type, eat and watch the laptop at the same time?

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Light 'em up

Frank - Red
A funny thing happened to me yesterday. During my lunch hour I was gossiping with my friend Suzanne and checking Twitter whilst also attempting to reply to a message from a cute guy asking me out. Now, I am paid to multitask and multitask well, but generally when I do it for myself disasters happen.

Case in point, I was busily trying to work out when I was free last week ("Monday is good, Tuesday is Pancake Marathon and Wednesday is birthday drinks, and oh hey, Thursday is oka - what do you mean Fall Out Boy are back together?!" because of a innocuous little tweet from Patrick Stump, saying simply "" (and dude, you got your own web address wrong, but I digress) and I sent my message as quick as possible so I could go on the FOB website and get the news. In doing so, I essentially suggested a first date on Valentine's Day, because I hadn't twigged what date next Thursday was. MORE ON THAT LATER.

Chicago is currently the source of all kinds of entertainment and glee for me! I can't get enough of the Blackhawks (old and new, but particularly 2, 7, 10 and 52, and particularly 52 when he gets in a scrap, hot damn - sorry, tangent) and now after months of denying it, Fall Out Boy have made the heart of many a fangirl sing by announcing they have been writing in secret and have a new single, and album on the way, and oh by the way we're playing in Chicago tonight and are heading out on tour. Christ, guys, you don't do surprise announcements by half, do you!

The new single "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)" has a title which could only have been written by a band with Pete Wentz as a member, and the song itself is sexy and grown up and while different to the classic FOB sound, it does sound like them and I have to be honest, I've listened to it about a dozen times in the last 24 hours.

Welcome back, boys. I'm looking forward to you taking me for a spin.

Hockey, hockey, hockey

Frank - Red
So I've really spent a whole lot of time watch hockey over the last couple of weeks since the lockout ended and the NHL season finally got underway and I am loving it. The games themselves (all Blackhawks games) have been really exciting, I love the fact that classic rock and metal gets played in the background, I love BHTV and the videos that get posted (my favourite still being Brandon Bollig miked up in practice) and how the Blackhawks twitter seems to fangirl them just as much as I do and I JUST LOVE ALL OF IT.

I have always been a sucker for a Canadian (I love the accent) and have been nursing squeeful little crushes on Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith and Patrick Sharp, but I have to be honest I have been slightly knocked sideways by Brandon Bollig, particularly when he gets in a scrap.  But BBolls plz, watch out for your lovely face, put a visor on or something! And let's not fforget my other boyfriends: Andrew Ladd, Ryan Kesler, Brian Boyle and Brandon Prust. This sport was totally made for me.

I've been doing a lot of lurking on Tumblr and it occured to me that if I want to really get involved anf delurk I should probably do so over on LiveJournal because - as mskatej, penumbra and I were discussing over wine last night - sometimes Tumblr isn't really condusive to getting to know people. So HI NEW PEOPLE - if you're wondering who on earth this random girl is I've probably followed you over from Tumblr - and I fgure at least this way you can see that I'm not a bot of any kind, and that I'm (relatively speaking) pretty normal!

In other news, this morning I woke up and found one corner of my internet had exploded. Turns out Mikey Way, one half of one of the most adorable rock couples ever, has been cheating on his wife with a 19 year old fan. And you know how usually if you're having an affair you want to keep it a secret from the world, not least your spouse? this girl has been posting photos of the two of them on her public twitter and instagram accounts. What even? It's like watching some kind of fucked up soap opera - Lindsey (Gway's wife) posted "DISGUSTED" on Twitter and later deleted it. Various ex-members and ex-employees of Chem have been having a field day and it all just seems like a giant clusterfuck.

I'm going to leave you guys with a vid of the Rockford Ice Higs and Grand Rapids Griffins engaging in an all-out brawl, which I find endlessly entertaining anyway because I'm a terrible person, but at least 70% extra entertainment is added by the pink uniforms. PINK UNIFORMS. Awesome. Also, I love how the commentator screams "WE GOT A BENCH-CLEARER" like it's the best thing ever.

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